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According to reports, more than 25,000 new accounts are registered on the Ripple blockchain platform. Despite the bearish trend in March, the third most popular blockchain platform had a stable trade volume during this period.

A total of 21,298,181 proposals were created; 49,981.74 XRPs were burned in the form of fees, and 2,533,254 payments were made on the blockchain. These data show that Ripple continues to be one of the main leaders in the blockchain sector, despite the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

In addition, Ripple has earned a name of the leader in the money transfer industry through collaboration with many financial institutions. Xrapids has been integrated by major banks around the world to expedite and transparency cross-border payments. Ripple also offered its network users greater decentralization thanks to a new feature aimed at improving the privacy of XRP Ledger.

Image courtesy of Ripplecoin News

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