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The largest fintech startup, banking services provider Revolut, has opened access to the crypto service for all customers so that application users can trade cryptocurrency against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic.

27-03-2020 15:51:35  |   Investments

Revolut has opened access to cryptocurrency services not only for premium clients, but also for other users. Until now, crypto accounts and cryptocurrencies have been reserved only for certain categories of customers. The reason for the unexpected decision is the coronavirus crisis and the expected devaluation of money. In an email to its customers, Revolut reports:

«During a recent presentation, our Head of Crypto, Edward Cooper, reminded us that cryptocurrencies came about as an alternative to real money during the times of quantitative easing and currency devaluation following the 2018 financial crisis. Given the recent economic upset, we are starting to see quantitative easing and currency devaluation happening again right now».

It is not yet known how this will affect the fiat assets of users, but the marketing campaign is definitely successful, experts say.

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