23 January 2020 11:42, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

Silicon Valley is the birthplace of giant technology companies. To help the new technology of the future, Andra Capital has developed a Silicon Valley Coin, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in prospering startups.

The San Francisco-based venture firm Andra Capital
announced in a press release on January 22 that they will launch Silicon Valley Coin (SVC) through a security token offering (STO). The project will be implemented in collaboration with Tezos. Investors who invest in the fund receive SVCs that will be implemented on the Tezos blockchain. The advantage of the Fund’s tokenization is the replacement of traditional paper contracts with digital smart contracts.

According to Andra Capital, the fund is a “late-stage investment strategy.” It is planned to finance only prospering technology companies, which in their turn must meet certain investment criteria. The company should be valued at $500 million or more and apply innovative approaches that will be successful with a high degree of probability. In addition, the company should be characterized by “visionary management team focused on growth”.

Image courtesy of The Tokenist

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