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Tech giant Apple published on Tuesday a job posting for a business development manager who specializes in alternative means of payment that include cryptocurrency, digital wallets, BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) and Fast Payments. This suggests that Apple is becoming a crypto-friendly company that relies on digital assets.

Alternative means of payment will play a critical role in the financial system in the future. For this reason, the tech giant is starting to prepare for this. The Business Development Manager will partner with alternative payment providers and integrate them into the existing network.

So far, Apple is barely familiar with alternative means of payment such as cryptocurrencies. In the spring, rumors spread that the company would enter the cryptocurrency industry after Tesla invested $1.5 bln in bitcoin. These rumors were not confirmed. However, Apple can indirectly boast of its friendship with cryptocurrencies. The most downloaded app in Apple’s App Store is Coinbase, which has managed to overtake TikTok.

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