10 January 2020 13:35, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

Austria has introduced a new law against money laundering. In this regard, since this year cryptocurrency companies operating in Austria must apply for a license from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). License applicants must show the Austrian financial watchdog that they have sufficient ability, consistency and solvency to conduct a cryptocurrency business.

An attempt to sell digital assets without a license to citizens of the country will cost the legal entity a fine of 200 thousand euros. The new rules are part of the implementation of the fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5), which gives a broad definition of crypto assets and qualifies them as “financial instruments”. By the definition, strict rules apply to security tokens as well.

09-01-2020 14:21:28  |   News

Strengthening the rules for crypto business in Austria makes it almost impossible to develop, since exchanges and startups are required to disclose information about the traders and major transactions.

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