12 February 2020 14:14, UTC

Anna Martynova

PlusToken is considered to be the largest scam project in 2019: fraudsters received more than $2.9 bln from Chinese investors. According to reports, the Chinese Ponzi scheme managed to accumulate up to 187,000 BTC. This time, a significant amount was sent from a detected wallet to a completely new, unknown address. The transfer may be a part of PlusToken measures to conceal the origin of coins and an attempt to cash out.

The suspicious activity was recorded against the background of the Bitcoin price growth to the level of $10,000. A transaction of 11,999 BTC is now valued at more than $17 mln. It is known that PlusToken moved coins with relatively small transactions and liquidated them through Huobi.

Experts believe that since the PlusToken scheme mainly operated in China, its development was not detected within the global social networks or news agencies for some time. It is noted that in the past PlusToken could have affected the market by selling coins on various exchanges. It is possible that PlusToken moved Bitcoins to new cold wallets, but experts suggest that scammers can temporarily affect Bitcoin price by dumping.

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