A recent statement from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange says that it will direct the revenue generated from their Tokenix IEO platform for the purchase of LEO tokens. The blog contains the following message:

“In line with our commitment to UNUS SED LEO holders of dedicating revenues to the redemption of LEO tokens, we are pleased to announce the use of 27% of the past and future Tokenix revenues to the purchasing of LEO tokens.”

It is also mentioned in the blog that over the past 15 days, Bitfinex has directed 27% of the revenue received from Ampleforth token sale to buy outstanding LEO tokens.

LEO tokens were introduced when the standoff between NYAG and Bitfinex peaked. These tokens were issued to cover the $850 million currently frozen in several accounts controlled by payment processing company Crypto Capital.

Bitfinex Technical Director Paolo ARDOINO tweeted:

“Unus Sed $LEO gets new revenue streams as promised. @bitfinex”

31-05-2019 14:42:16  |   Investments

Also, the statement said that in the coming weeks, more UNUS SED LEO fee benefits will be introduced. However, too early to rejoice for  Bitfinex: the prosecutor’s office of the State of New York does not weaken the grip. What will end the confrontation between NYAG and Bitfinex in court is still unknown.

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