17 February 2020 12:04, UTC

Anna Martynova

The blockchain company IOHK donates $500,000 in ADA cryptocurrency to the University of Wyoming. According to the leaders of the research center at the University of Wyoming, the funds are aimed at researching blockchain technology and its practical application. The research department is going to develop blockchain solutions that can be applied to improve smart contracts, track deliveries and provenance of products.

In addition, the university plans to graduate specialists who will be fluent in complexities of developing blockchain technology, functional programming languages, and formal methods of IOHK.

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The state of Wyoming is one of the blockchain-oriented states. The state has passed over 13 laws authorizing the use of blockchain technology. The welcoming legal framework is a powerful reason to donate: it gives the opportunity for the blockchain technology to flourish and be developed, both for individuals and for companies.

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