04 February 2020 14:54, UTC

Anna Martynova

DappRadar published a report about gaming applications in 2019.
In this report, the four main blockchains were observed: Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and Ontology, and ten games on the blockchain were taken in the research (five on the Ethereum blockchain, four on EOS, and one on Ontology). TRON was not included in the list due to the low percentage of users in each game.

Ethereum-based games have achieved the highest retention rate. In December 2019, the retention rate reached 89%. The Ontology blockchain games scored 84% in October 2019, despite a sharp drop to 30% in September 2019.

By the end of 2019, dAppRadar had recorded 19,310 daily active wallets registered in all games, which is 118% more than a year ago. 44% of the total number of wallets in this category works on the Ethereum blockchain, 41% on EOS, Tron scored 9% and Ontology scored 4%.

According to the dAppRadar report, the average retention rate of blockchain games is 75%. Games mainly use blockchain for NFT ownership, although several games use it to make payments and subscriptions.

Image courtesy of the Bitcoinist

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