02 September 2020 13:51, UTC

Anna Martynova

Dutch logistics solutions provider Portbase has successfully completed the first stage of integration with the TradeLens blockchain platform. Portbase and TradeLens plan to create a global ecosystem of carriers, ports and terminals using a digital port infrastructure management system. The TradeLens blockchain will be used to implement the plans. As a result, it will be possible to manage operations and basic processes in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

According to the managing director of Portbase, blockchain is being used to more efficiently organize the company’s operations. The participants in the supply chain will be able to quickly and safely exchange data with each other. A TradeLens official said the chosen platform could be easily expanded as the ecosystem grows.

Recently it was revealed that the Port of Rotterdam has launched a blockchain-based pilot project with some of the world’s leading shipping companies. The goal of the pilot project was to improve the safety of the millions of containers unloaded at the port every year.

Image courtesy of Teller Report

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