23 October 2020 15:05, UTC

Anna Martynova

A German state energy project called Pebbles uses DLT to provide transparency in electricity sales. The project is a joint initiative of the regional utility Allgäuer Überlandwerk, network operator AllgäuNetz and German tech giant Siemens. Funding is provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The initiative aims to create a platform that allows private energy producers to sell electricity directly to local consumers without the need for intermediaries or traditional network operators, while ensuring that all market transaction information is invariable and transparent. The platform will be used to power electric vehicles from batteries.

Pebbles is not the only blockchain-based energy project being developed in Germany. In February 2020, BMWi published an analysis of the main blockchain implementations in energy trading, highlighting four related projects including BloGPV, SMECS, ETIBLOGG, and Pebbles. The government group DENA, which is responsible for energy innovation in Germany, said the authorities are seeking to move the country’s energy ecosystem into a decentralized database.

Image by Siemens

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