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July 13, the migration of the bZx DeFi-project to Ethereum Mainnet took place. This step enhances cross-chain functionality and scalability for token-oriented dApp functions. The official bZx token has now been renamed to the BZRX token.

The migration of bZx to Ethereum Mainnet was announced last week on the official blog. The announcement also says that BZRXv1 token holders can easily switch to a new BZRX token using the project’s Staking Dashboard. The owners of the BZRXv1 token have 1 year from the launch of the new token in order to transfer their assets to the renamed BZRX token. All token migrations take place on the project’s Staking Dashboard, starting from Monday July 13, 2020.

CEO Tom BEAN said that the bulx Fulcrum product can help users familiarize themselves with margin trading and loans, and Torque for borrowing has become simple.

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