12 October 2020 16:12, UTC

Anna Martynova

IOHK CEO Charles HOSKINSON spoke about Cardano’s ongoing successes, including its partnership with Runtime Verification. As part of the partnership, the developers will work on the Yella virtual machine project to convert smart contracts written in Solidity into programming languages of other blockchains.

It is also known that Runtime Verification received a grant for the project. However, at the moment the amount of financing and the time frame of the project are not known.

On October 29, the roadmap associated with the launch of the Goguen Era is expected to be released. According to Hoskinson, Goguen Era will be released as a series of updates and hard fork events, each of which will add another level of functionality to the system. As with Shelley, it will run in stages and more information will be available by the end of the month.

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