13 January 2020 14:36, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

According to
China News Network, China continues to strive for global technology dominance. State-owned telecommunications giants such as China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are currently considering the use of blockchain and other digital technologies as a key factor in allowing China to lead the market.

China Unicom has partnered with the Blockchain Company Wanxiang Blockchain to combine the blockchain and 5G technologies. When experts talk about 5G, it’s always about speed and ability to transfer data around the world. Security and data are one of the most attractive reasons for using both technologies at the same time, since the blockchain is designed so that people can control their personal information.

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More than 50 cities in China have already access to 5G. The government expects that over 5 years the number of top network providers will exceed 600 million. Current forecasts show that next-generation technology will increase the data transfer rate by 10–100 times, and the blockchain, in its turn, will ensure the security of data transmission and storage.

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