25 February 2020 14:25, UTC

Anna Martynova

Coinbase, a major US cryptocurrency exchange, said the EOS network has a number of problems. The exchange posted a tweet in which it reported delays in the input and output of EOS. However, the purchase and sale of EOS within the framework of the cryptocurrency exchange works as before.

The crypto exchange claims to have difficulty processing transactions during four days. The reason according to Coinbase is the poor performance of the network. The two largest pools EOS Nation and EOS New York consider the exchange’s claims unfounded. There are probably problems on the part of the exchange itself.

At the end of last year, the cryptocurrency exchange already faced delayed EOS transactions. At that time, the reason was the EOS blockchain itself, which was loaded 99% due to the EIDOS airdrop. By February, this problem was resolved. According to the Titan Labs report, difficulties and problems in the network were not found within seven days.

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