24 December 2019 13:06, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

Craig WRIGHT, the crypto celebrity claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself has revealed the meaning behind this stage name in an
interview conducted with a news outlet called Modern Consensus.

The interview was first conducted on December 19th, where the main question was how Craig Wright was justifying his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto when there were so many lawsuits against him that he couldn’t combat. It seemed like Wright was more than ready for this question and answered it without skipping a beat. It turns out that the inspiration behind the name, “Satoshi Nakamoto” is a real Japanese financial pioneer called Tominaga Nakamoto. Tominaga is often referred to as the Asian
Adam Smith, the person who pretty much introduced the world to modern finances.

The name itself, “Satoshi”, means intelligent learning according to Wright and is a perfect combination of old financial ideas with modern technology that learns from past mistakes.
Although all of this could be a very clever ploy from Wright’s side, there are plenty of crypto enthusiasts who believe that he was telling the truth.

Even if Wright does not turn out to be the creator of the blockchain himself, he will at least have given the name a lot more meaning than just a stage name. Doubters mostly name Wright’s inability to cover compensation costs with hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins, which are supposed to be on a cold wallet belonging to the inventor. Not being able to use them raises serious questions about Wright’s legitimacy.

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