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Cryptocurrency projects continue to make their way into sports. Moving to sports for cryptocurrency projects is a valuable marketing strategy. Crypto exchange has announced that it will partner with the Montreal Canadiens National Hockey League (NHL) team. Recall that earlier announced a partnership with a large Formula 1 racing team Aston Martin. As part of the partnership with Aston Martin, the crypto exchange brand will also be present on the Formula 1 car for the season.

The latest partnership with Montreal Canadiens means the cryptocurrency project will close two sports deals in 2021. The project has grown significantly over the past few months. The marketing plan is to get more people to use the mobile app.

The Chiliz NFT token fan project is a testament to the success that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can play in the sports industry. The project is very popular in the European football space. And the company recently announced an expansion to North America with additional funding of $50 mln.

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