28 December 2020 15:40, UTC

Anna Martynova

The IOTA Foundation Board of Directors and Supervisory Board unanimously expelled the founder of the IOTA blockchain project David SØNSTEBØ from the organization.

After more than two weeks of silence, David Sønstebø clarified his attitude to the IOTA Foundation in a long post on
Medium where he outlined his point of view. He explained:

«I elected to wait for the initial panic to subside before demystifying the present state of affairs so that this debacle would not overshadow the significant milestone of Chrysalis/IOTA 1.5 testnet going live in all its glory».

Commenting on the controversy that ultimately led to his departure from the project, he mentioned his ambition to appoint a CEO/COO for a maturing project and make IOTA market-independent by liquidating the IOTA Foundation.

Image: INP ONE

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