15 December 2020 15:10, UTC

Anna Martynova

Mike WINKLEMANN, digital artist better known as Beeple, has raised a record $3.5 mln for his latest NFT collection named Everydays.

Beeple auctioned its Everydays 2020 collection this weekend through the Nifty Gateway NFT platform. The auction was started on Friday and included 21 single editions. Three pieces were sold in open editions at a five-minute auction. There was also a series of 100 units priced at $1.

One auction participant named illestrater bid $777,777.77 at the last second of the auction to receive the entire collection. Besides the NFT, the collection also comes with a physical token that can be registered on the official website. In addition, the so-called “always-on physical artifact” of the NFT has a numbered titanium backplate, signet and hidden authentication markers.

Image: The Daily Chain

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