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EXMO crypto exchange launches a fundraising campaign for a charity project aimed at helping orphanages and shelters. Starting from June 01,
fundraising will be held in partnership with Rotary International; the campaign is aimed at helping children: the purchase of disinfectants, protective equipment for orphanages, as well as all necessary equipment for teaching children how to provide first aid.

The program plans to cover 83 orphanages and shelters and raise $228,810 for the needed equipment for children. The project aims to teach kids the rules of emergency behaviour and how to provide first aid. Also, children will receive the necessary protective equipment and special simulators for practicing their skills.

EXMO exchange is active on the crypto market for more than 6 years and it takes the first place in the ranking among exchanges from Eastern Europe. The platform is one of the 15 largest cryptocurrency exchanges for incoming traffic in the world, as according to data for February 2020. It is also included in the list of TOP-20 exchanges in terms of liquidity, according to the latest Coinmarketcap ranking.

You can donate funds for the implementation of the project in various cryptocurrencies.

BTC 17s1SyNXP3vCRPuMa9tfMZTTBw67A3rYPr
ETH 0xc3c897eb0a0933a4f44c0ca405dd1f856a12ef4a
USDT 0xc3c897eb0a0933a4f44c0ca405dd1f856a12ef4a

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