27 January 2020 11:56, UTC

According to CoinDesk, a lawsuit against the TRON Foundation was filed in California. The plaintiffs are former employees who were dismissed unreasonably. Now the plaintiffs intend to recover from the TRON Foundation $15 million for dismissal not by law, but against a background of discriminatory circumstances.

In 2018, TRON bought BitTorrent. Two employees, 50-year-old Richard HALL and 28-year-old Lukasz JURASZEK, worked at BitTorrent at that time. As reported, they repeatedly received derogatory exclamations and one of the managers, according to Juraszek, got punched in the face. Former employees believe that the company’s “impossibly high standards” could be a possible reason for such an attitude.

According to Richard HALL, the head of engineering Cong LI threatened to fire him if he took his approved vacation. After the vacation, Lee reduced Hall and once again sent a series of threats to him. Correspondence in which threats were recorded has been deleted.

Richard HALL also claims that he flagged the risks of third parties hosting copyright-infringing content. But he never managed to achieve a review of the working law policy of the company.

In a statement from a spokesperson, Justin SUN and Cong Li said:

“TRON is not able to speak on the details of pending litigation, but what we can tell you is that our customers, employees and the TRON community are extremely important to us.”

Image courtesy of Cryptos TV

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