18 February 2020 13:46, UTC

Anna Martynova

In mid-February 2020, the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom announced a collaboration with three other companies to jointly test the blockchain solution. It will allow drawing up and signing inter-operator discount agreements.

The project involves Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Telefonica, Orange and GSMA. The solution will allow checking the current conditions of the contract and reducing the possibility of fraud. Representatives of Deutsche Telekom’s innovation unit T-Labs and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier shared their views on the project:

“Our new solution is scalable; therefore IoT devices and new emerging business requirements can be easily accommodated in the future. Disputes and financial losses will be minimized.”

13-01-2020 17:36:31  |   News

It should be noted that Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Orange are members of the Blockchain Network (CBN), established in June 2019. CBN boasts numerous members including China Telekom, Colt, PCCW, Tata, Telstra and others. At the moment, the platform focuses on legal agreements between operators and simplification of settlement processes. The group of companies plans to expand the features of the platform: in the future, the implementation of discount and roaming agreements will be added to the system. After testing the platform, it is planned to make it an open-source for other market members.

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