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Georgia will become one of the first countries in the world to store educational credentials on the blockchain. In June 2019, the Georgian Ministry of Education signed a memorandum of cooperation with the largest international technology blockchain company Input Output HK Ltd (IOHK). It is expected that the full transition to the Cardano blockchain will be completed by June of this year.

It is supposed that students of the country can use the blockchain to view their grades, certificates and other documents about their education regardless of their location. Not all educational institutions use blockchain, however, there has been a rapid growth in educational content affecting this technology. Earlier in 2019,
a Coinbase study showed that many educational institutions are getting ready to educate their students on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Cardano is working on the implementation of Cardano’s commercial infrastructure. Project officials and IOHK CEO Charles HOSKINSON assured the public that development was proceeding as planned and important updates to the coin’s commercial infrastructure should be expected in the coming months. The IOHK head also added that there is a good progress in building the next Shelley system update. As a result, the update should increase the competitiveness of ADA and bring the coin to a new level in the crypto market.

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