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GHOST cryptocurrency was implemented in Hong Kong Disneyland just a few weeks after the launch of the project. John McAfee’s project team also announced several new features, including a “decentralized crowdfunding” platform and the release of the GHOST Cell Phone Service beta.

The integration came after GHOST partnered with the ivendPay payment system to use the coin in more than 60 vending machines throughout Hong Kong, including machines stationed at Disneyland. They will allow visitors to purchase goods using GHOST tokens.

Former antivirus tycoon and popular cryptocurrency fan John McAfee announced his digital asset project in April. GHOST is aimed at user privacy. Despite initial criticism of plagiarism, the project was successfully launched in late May. In July, “decentralized crowdfunding” was announced, the team also announced the development of an encrypted chat application that will use the GHOST blockchain and will be integrated with another popular platform — Telegram.

Image: Bitxmi

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