17 September 2020 16:00, UTC

Anna Martynova

Over the past month, the Hedera Hashgraph network processed an average of 1.5 mln transactions per day, almost double the Ethereum network. Over the past year, providers have added Hedera’s cryptocurrency HBAR to their ecosystems providing greater access for developers and others who want to utilize it.

During its first year of working as a publicly available distributed network, Hedera performed on average about 750,000 transactions per day.This is about 18 times the number of transactions that the Ethereum network performed (30-40,000 transactions per day) during its first year as a publicly available network.

Unlike other public decentralized networks, Hedera Hashgraph’s network fees do not change significantly as network usage increases. Hedera Hashgraph transaction fees are set in USD but paid in HBAR.

Image by The Daily Chain

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