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In a recent video message, IOHK CEO Charles HOSKINSON talked about the implementation of Cardano, and also emphasized that the value of the technology goes beyond making money and speculating on an asset. Hoskinson also spoke about the work that his company is doing on the African continent. He explained that the adoption process would not be fast, since the level of globalization and education of Africans is a serious problem affecting the adoption of Cardano.

09-04-2020 15:00:00  |   News

The Cardano team is focused on creating a new financial system that can bring people from developing countries out of poverty. Cardano’s work is aimed at Africa’s non-banked sector, farmers and ordinary workers. Charles Hoskinson added that over the next 30 years a pan-African currency will appear and develop in Africa, such as the euro in the European Union.

The IOHK CEO emphasized that the huge market capitalization of Ethereum and Tezos is not the main concern for him. The stability of these coins in the market does not bother him. To outperform the Cardano’s competitors is not the main goal of the company.

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