11 January 2021 14:15, UTC

Anna Martynova

Crypto project Algorand (ALGO) announced that it has entered into a partnership with fintech firm Instimatch. Their overall goal is to embrace the vision of decentralized and smooth finance. The Algorand blockchain will be used to promote settlement and payment solutions.

Algorand blockchain technology is compatible with Instimatch in such a way that they complement each other. Algorand can help expand the capabilities of Instimatch and allow it to add a range of additional offerings and features, all of which focus on things like RegTech, payments, and Islamic banking.

Instimatch CEO Daniel SANDMEIER commented on the step made, saying that the company is very excited about the partnership. As explained by Instimatch CEO, the plan is to leverage Algorand’s blockchain to enhance Instimatch’s own offering and further possibilities for its customers.

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