18 September 2019 12:44, UTC

Iota introduced Chronicle, a solution that allows node owners to store all their transactions and maintain continuous access to this data — with no time limitations. Prior to the Chronicle, project’s node owners faced problems that were directly related to limited storage because transactions quickly filled up the database.

Earlier, Iota tried to solve this problem by introducing a system of local snapshots that allow owners to delete old transactions and keep a smaller database. However, this didn’t result as the best solution, as it was not suitable for data types that need to be stored for a longer period.

In the future, the Iota Foundation plans to further expand the functionality and capabilities of Chronicle. The Foundation invited members of the community to participate in this project and stated that it intends to give grants for the development and expansion of the concept of “permanode” .

14-02-2019 10:51:16  |   News

Earlier in August, Iota entered into a partnership agreement with Jaguar Land Rover manufacturer to demonstrate a proof-of-concept (PoC) for tracing vehicle energy using a distributed ledger technology.

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