21 August 2020 13:53, UTC

Anna Martynova

IOTA has announced the release of the first phase of the IOTA 1.5 update on its mainnet. IOTA is currently considered to be one of the fastest networks with a 10 second confirmation rate – a significant improvement over the previous 80 second interval. IOTA 1.5 offers over 1000 transactions per second, unlike the previous version, which struggled with 40 transactions per second throughput.

Earlier, within the framework of the project, a release strategy was published, which should consist of two phases. The first phase begins after calculating research and application considerations on the best way to integrate the new features into Chrysalis. According to Dominik SCHEINER, Co-Founder of IOTA and the IOTA Foundation, credit goes to the development team and the IOTA community for the update. In his opinion, the second phase will offer more improved features compared to the first.

Consistently, Trinity desktop wallet owners and node runners have to update their apps to keep up with the update. The second phase, the development of which began a few months ago, should also be launched this year. The whole goal of the Chrysalis update is to create a better ecosystem for an easy transition to the Coordicide phase. Before the launch of Coordicide, IOTA hopes to be operational with the additional features introduced in the second phase of IOTA 1.5.

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