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IOTA is announcing a pilot project called the Trade Logistics Information Pipeline (TLIP), which aims to test the technology by exporting cut flowers from Kenya. In this case, the export of tulips is well suited as a so-called “litmus test”, since timing is especially important for this type of goods. Delays due to loss of documents can affect the quality of the goods. Cut flowers with a volume of 180,000 tons are one of the country’s most important export commodities.

The entire flower supply chain will now be placed on Tangle. Thus, the data is visible to all participants in the supply chain and is always available without any paper forms. Obviously, such an idea is not so easy to implement. In addition to various companies in the supply chain, IOTA also had to engage government agencies such as the Kenyan Revenue Authorities (KRA) and the Kenyan Plant Health Inspection Services (KEPHIS).

In the future, TradeMark East Africa plans to ship tea to the UK, fish to Belgium and clothing to the US using Tangle.

Image: WWF

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