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The decentralized application from IOTA (MIOTA) was titled the best application in the fifth week of the hackathon dedicated to platforms aimed at fighting and preventing the COVID-19 pandemic. Various startups from around the world took part in the hackathon. IOTA’s Open Marketplace provides services similar to eBay, which makes trading convenient and affordable during the pandemic.

The Open Marketplace development team claims that industry giants such as eBay or Amazon continue to dominate both online retail and delivery. Small business owners often pay disproportionately high fees to present their products on the websites of market leaders. The Open Marketplace solves this problem and brings buyers and sellers together for free in the decentralized trading platform based on IOTA Tangle. The project is funded by open grants and donations, funding models used on Wikipedia, Linux and Mozilla.

In the application, delivery requests, estimated time, affordable budget can be set. The final version of the application will be released soon and will be available to all interested testers.

Image courtesy of IOTA News

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