28 October 2020 14:49, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

The IOTA Foundation is collaborating with the Japanese government on an industrial infrastructure project. The initiative is aimed at introducing Artificial Intelligence technology and a distributed ledger into maintenance systems taking into account risks at energy, industrial, petrochemical and refining enterprises.

According to Dominik SCHIENER, chairman and co-founder of IOTA, the project aims to digitize manual processes using AI and deep learning to “predict when and which parts of a plant will need maintenance.” The adoption of AI and blockchain is expected to minimize downtime and costs by reducing unnecessary checks and repairs.

According to the announcement, a number of collaborating organizations are involved in the project, including Best Materia, IMC, the High Pressure Institute of Japan, the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, OMC, Lloyd’s Register and Yokohama National University.

Image courtesy of Crypto News Flash

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