28 February 2020 13:37, UTC

Anna Martynova

The cybersecurity company Kaspersky debuted with the prototype of its new voting machine Polys, based on the blockchain. The new development opens up the possibility of a safe alternative to existing election technologies.

Blockchain can not only improve election security, but also reduce staff costs and resources. Roman ALESHKIN, project lead for Polys, explained the advantages of using blockchain over traditional voting methods:

“From speaking to our customers, we understand the issues and inconvenience they face when organising paper-based voting. As we see from our Polys platform, e-voting can solve some of these issues, allowing more possibilities for remote participation and even increasing turnout of younger people.”

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A number of countries and jurisdiction have experience using blockchain technology during elections. In September last year, the first elections using the blockchain were held in Moscow and the organizers were satisfied with the result. In Iowa, USA, elections were also held using the blockchain, but the results could not be published at the time due to a failure in the system. In 2018, during the elections in Sierra Leone, 70% of the votes were fixed on the blockchain.

Image courtesy of Kaspersky

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