20 November 2019 12:11, UTC

Lamborghini, the manufacturer of the most popular cars in the crypto industry, will test blockchain technology in its supply chain. It will use Salesforce’s corporate blockchain platform to track the authenticity of all cars sold on secondary markets. The press release states the following:

“When a Lamborghini is resold, the vehicle often goes through 800 to 1,000 certification checks that take place at the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.”

07-11-2019 17:21:29  |   News

When a customer decides to buy genuine Lamborghini with original spare parts, companies need to tap into a wide network of people and organizations, such as dealerships, auction houses, repair shops, photographers, and more to document the history of each car. Automobile managers believe that blockchain will simplify the process by gathering all partners into one reliable distributed network.

Paolo GABRIELLI, head of after-sales at Lamborghini, said the automaker has always been interested in new technologies. According to him, the Salesforce blockchain will allow to introduce another innovation, “accelerating the authenticity”. Lamborghini became the fourth customer for the Salesforce platform, after Arizona State University, IQVIA research company and S&P Global ratings agency.

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