02 December 2020 13:10, UTC

Anna Martynova

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Libra should launch in a simplified form in January 2021. Now the creators of the digital currency project have taken a new name Diem. The Diem Association is committed to plans to create a secure payment system for individuals and businesses around the world, the association said in a statement.

The Diem Association still has 27 members. According to Stuart LEVEY, CEO of Diem Association, the company wants to differentiate itself from other crypto service providers by fulfilling the requirements of regulators and governments. As part of this effort, the association has hired several high-profile experts, including Dahlia Malkhi as chief technology officer, Christy Clark as chief of staff, Steve Bunnell as chief legal officer, and Kiran Raj as executive vice president for growth and innovation and deputy general counsel.

The association also stressed that it will not act until it receives regulatory approval, including a payment system license from FINMA.

Image: NewsABC

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