Litecoin continues to evolve as a means of payment. The Flexa network now supports LTC as a digital asset on its platform. Flexa offers direct payments in more than 39,250 US stores.

According to the Flexa team, the key to scaling of crypto is the integration with the existing hardware and software of the vendor, which reduces the learning curve and the expenditure of funds for the new infrastructure. The company works with retailers to directly make payments to the merchant’s bank:

“We don’t believe that cryptocurrency payments should become dependent on the existing Visa and Mastercard debit networks and their customer data requirements.”

Crypto enthusiasts can spend their LTC using the Flexa SPEDN application. It turns a mobile phone into a device for direct payment by cryptocurrency without connecting a debit card or cashing out to US dollars. The application is available for iOS, and the beta version of Android will be launched on July 9. In addition to Litecoin, SPEDN supports BTC, BCH, ETH and GUSD.

19-06-2019 16:53:16  |   News

Speaking at the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei, Litecoin creator Charlie LEE said LTC’s integration on Flexa helps push further mainstream adoption of Litecoin payments.

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