24 August 2020 11:00, UTC

Anna Martynova

MetaMask updated its license, stating that in order to continue to provide high quality products, it is necessary to have fair compensation to enable them to continue their development.

According to the press release, the new updates will not affect end users, i.e. most developers and nonprofits will be exempt from commission fees. The new rules will affect developers who copy, modify, or fork the MetaMask codebase for commercial use. If MetaMask was copied and offered on a commercial basis to an audience of more than 10,000 monthly active users, then the company will offer to sign a formal commercial agreement to use the product.

The company also clarified that it will continue to publish and iterate the wallet provider API in the public domain, providing a widely cross-compatible ecosystem of applications, and the code will continue to be published in the public repository.

As a reminder, MetaMask launched the eighth update to its Ethereum wallet in July last year, which includes a number of new features, such as improved privacy control and a new account login system.

Image courtesy of Blockonomi

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