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Monero has reached a record 57.9 daily average transactions per block, according to Monero Blocks XMR. Over the past day, more than 40,000 transactions have been made on the Monero blockchain, which is more than 25% of the average weekly transaction volume.

After the recent 12% recovery in bitcoin, altcoins like Monero are up 11% on average. The XMR price failed to establish support above the $200 level and is now consolidating in the $200 to $195 range per coin.

Most altcoins, including Monero, are following a general market trend that started back in May. In the same month, XMR hit an all-time high of $517 per coin. It is important to note that the coin remains at a strong support level that was tested from February to July.

Image: Libertex

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