05 February 2020 14:44, UTC

Anna Martynova

NEM Ventures has joined the Decentralized AI Alliance (DAIA). The alliance consists of more than 50 different organizations. The partnership will lead to the development of common strategies and the expansion of the resources exchange between member-organizations to achieve the common goal of developing a system of democratized AI.

Toufi SALIBA, CEO of Toda Network and DAIA President, commented on the NEM Ventures join:

“With over 60 global members to date, I am ecstatic to see NEM joining the alliance and welcome them. We remain anxious about the future of this planet, with current AI lacking essential security. We urge every reader to learn more about this initiative, as this might be one of the most impactful ways to move towards a safer future rather than remaining idle. We hope NEM Ventures will help us accelerate towards that mission.”

NEM Ventures is focused on investing and developing fast-growing new technology projects at early stages, providing capital support and expertise to develop the next generation of startups using NEM product suites.

The experience of NEM Ventures in the blockchain gives DAIA additional strategic opportunities among startups in the space and helps to turn organizations into active DAIA participants.

Image from NEM Ventures Twitter post

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