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Cybercriminals have targeted players in the popular online game Call of Duty: Warzone. According to Activision, gamers who use cheat codes that provide them with an advantage over other players are at risk. Hackers hide viruses in such programs, which, after downloading, infect the victim’s computer with malware for hidden mining.

According to researchers from Activision, the new malware installs hidden cryptocurrency miners on users’ PCs, disguising itself as a “trainer” for Call of Duty: Warzone. The hackers touted their malware as an “undetected COD WARZONE cheat” and even posted several YouTube videos with instructions urging gamers to disable their security software and give the RAT high system privileges.

The hackers have installed several hidden cryptocurrency miners on their victims’ systems, although the researchers do not indicate in their report exactly which digital assets they are mining. The target audience of hackers was most likely deliberately chosen. Because CoD: Warzone is a pretty demanding game in terms of system requirements. There is a higher likelihood that victims will have a powerful graphics card, making cryptocurrency mining faster and more efficient.

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