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NFTone is a digital art trading platform. On the marketplace, registered users can trade collectibles by setting their desired instant sale price. To ensure the highest level of security, all transactions are encrypted in smart contracts and recorded on the TRON blockchain.

NFTone is ahead of Ethereum-based peers in terms of speed and price. The platform is set to revolutionize the NFT market with a phenomenal block time of 3 seconds compared to 15 seconds for Ethereum-based NFTs.

NFTone’s commission is a thousand times lower than other trading platforms. The lower commissions are the result of a well-organized software architecture and the use of the ultra-fast TRON blockchain. The commission is two percent of the closed deal. Starting April 23, 2021, anyone with a digital wallet can join NFTone to buy and sell digital art through a simple and user-friendly platform.

Image: Criptovaluta

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