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On March 26, the US Department of Justice accused Venezuelan President Nicolás MADURO, as well as 14 Venezuelan officials. Government officials are accused of drug terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking using cryptocurrencies.

US Attorney General William BARR has made a number of direct charges against President Nicolás Maduro and the senior leaders of the Venezuelan regime — Padrino Lopez, Diosdado Cabello, Tarek El Aissami and offered a reward for the capture of these persons.

HSI’s Acting Executive Associate Director Alysa ERICHS explained at a press conference that senior leaders of the Venezuelan government use cryptocurrencies for drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism-related activities. It is unclear whether the agent meant the cryptocurrency as a whole or only the Petro national cryptocurrency, backed with oil and controlled directly by Sunacrip, an organization created by the government to regulate the digital currency.

Image courtesy of Miami Herald

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