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The Nigerian authorities have arrested the CEO of Brisk Capital Limited. He is accused of involvement in a scam based on alleged investments in bitcoin, forex, real estate, oil and gas. According to Nairametrics, Dominic JOSHUA received more than 2 bln naira ($4.84 mln) from investors, who were promised returns of up to 60%.

Police decided to launch an investigation against the 21-year-old man after complaints from alleged victims were submitted to the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police Force. Anderson BAKOLE, Commissioner of the Special Fraud Unit, said that some property and items purchased with the stolen funds have been returned as evidence and the suspect will be brought to justice.

The Commissioner also confirmed that Joshua confessed to the crime. However, the CEO of Brisk Capital Limited asked for more time to return the money to the victims. The funds came from nearly 500 investors who funded Joshua’s “extravagant lifestyle”, parties and property ownership in cities such as Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Image: Daily Post Nigeria

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