06 February 2020 13:51, UTC

Anna Martynova

On Wednesday, February 6, additional details of the consensus Catchain were published. The new white paper details the process of checking blocks. The system is similar to the solutions of Cosmos and NEO projects.

Blocks are issued every 5 seconds, the system has 100 internal and 30 external validators, between which the responsibilities for issuing and confirming blocks are divided to ensure stability, these functions change with each new round.

Technical Director of TON Labs Mitja GOROSHEVSKY commented:

“Developers, led by the TON Labs startup, have been kicking the testnet’s tires since last spring. The new consensus protocol white paper will give these individuals “a formalized understanding of what they’ve been testing.”

It was previously planned to release the white paper in October 2019, but the SEC trial prevented this. Telegram is in a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission over the sale of Gram tokens for $1.7 billion, but the lawsuit has had little impact on the development of the TON platform.

Telegram and SEC are due to meet again in court on February 18-19, 2020. As it became known, six investors of the TON blockchain platform filed a non-disclosure petition to the US court. The petition says that it is not significant to disclose the identity of investors in the case. Since the privacy of individuals is essential for the investors themselves and their safety, while neither Telegram nor the SEC object, the court is likely to agree with the petition of investors.

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