08 September 2020 14:56, UTC

Anna Martynova

According to DeepDao, since last year, there has been a noticeable increase in DAO projects from 10 to 76 today. The platform recently launched a new DAO interface for capital estimates, and the data suggests that AUM is not necessarily indicative of the health and good governance of a DAO.

For example, mStable ranks first in terms of assets under management and capital flows. However, in terms of the number of members and proposals, the project takes a low position. In contrast, dxDAO ranks second in the number of proposals and third in the number of participants, despite the fact that it has AUM less than 10% of mStable volume.

The revamped site provides overviews of the DAO sector, including weekly and monthly fluctuations in assets, total number of DAO members, and DAO current account, which represent over $1 mln in AUM or over 100 members. The platform also handles a number of other metrics.

Image courtesy of Blockchain Hub

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