25 November 2020 14:13, UTC

Anna Martynova

Crypto exchange OKEx announced a compensation program for users who made deposits, held tokens or traded during the period when the exchange had to freeze withdrawals.

According to the official announcement, OKEx will invest up to 20% of its total futures and perpetual swap transaction fees over the past seven weeks in an incentive fund that will be paid out as a one-time payment to users based on their assets and the terms of the transaction. Asset calculation will be doubled for customers who hold the native exchange’s token OKB.

OKEx also says it will issue a fee rebate card of between $100 and $1,000 value for those whose assets exceed $10,000 by 4:00 pm UTC on November 23rd. OKEx plans to resume withdrawals on November 27. As representatives of the exchange said:

«Users’ continuous support and trust is crucial to the long-term sustainability of all platforms».

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