31 December 2019 10:07, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

The Poloniex crypto exchange confirmed that it had forcibly reset the passwords for a number of clients due to the leak of the list of email addresses and passwords on Twitter.

On December 30, the exchange sent an email to customers to inform them that a list of email addresses and passwords could potentially be used to log in to Poloniex accounts. The letter reads:

“While almost all of the [leaked] email addresses listed do not belong to Poloniex accounts, we are forcing a password reset on any email addresses that do have an account with us, including yours.”

Poloniex customers began to suspect that the email was fraudulent, and the crypto exchange support service had to explain that the email was really real. It is not yet clear how email addresses and passwords got on Twitter and what percentage of the data actually contains current data from Poloniex customers. At the moment, the exchange has not provided any additional information.

Image courtesy of Coinrise

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