13 September 2019 12:52, UTC

Ripple CEO Brad GARLINGHOUSE rejected XRP price manipulation charges in an interview with CNN yesterday.

The top manager broke the silence about the tense situation in the XRP community and commented on recent news that the community is threatening a “takeover”, that is, a hard fork, if Ripple executives continue to dump XRP to the market. Garlinghouse responded as follows:

“In the XRP community, Ripple is the largest owner, and we are the most interested party in the success of the XRP ecosystem.”

Garlinghouse adds that dumping XRP onto the markets would not be in their best interest to do. “We are clearly interested in a healthy, successful XRP ecosystem, and we would never do that,” he stated. When asked if Ripple could manipulate the price of XRP, Garlinghouse answered negatively, noting that Ripple could not control the price of XRP, as well as any whale — the price of Bitcoin.

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The CEO of the company also expressed the opinion that the long-term value of any digital asset will consist of its utility, and drew attention to the fact that XRP transactions are about 1000 times faster than bitcoin transactions and about 1000 times cheaper. At the time of writing, the capitalization of XRP was $10.95 Bln, the cost of one coin is 0.255 dollars.

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