02 October 2020 15:30, UTC

Anna Martynova

The Ripple platform has developed a blockchain tool called EW Zero for projects looking to reduce their carbon footprint. EW Zero, a blockchain-based payment solution that allows buying renewable energy worldwide. The solution was developed in collaboration with the blockchain-based non-profit organization Energy Web Foundation.

XRP Ledger will be the first to use the EW Zero platform. It intends to cut carbon emissions with a recently launched blockchain tool. The solution is expected to be rolled out to the Ripplenet network, with Ripple looking to attract more participants for a commitment to a carbon-free ecosystem.

Ripple CEO Brad GARLINGHOUSE believes that despite the growth of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, there is an ongoing need to evaluate ways innovations are made to ensure the sustainability of global finance. He also added that there must be a major shift in the dynamics of the blockchain industry to ensure that its success does not destroy the planet.

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