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The South Korean tech giant Samsung introduces the new chip for mobile devices to ensure security for crypto transactions. It is well known that Samsung is interested in crypto industry and blockchain technology: the corporation has invested in a great number of DLT startups and integrated this technology into its own products.

Samsung’s new security solution consists of the Secure Element (SE) S3FV9RR chip and related software. The security chip is designed to ensure the maximum possible security of the operating system boot process, isolated data storage and mobile payments. The SE chip is certified in accordance with the Common Criteria (CC) EAL 6+ security standard, which is used in applications with the highest security requirements, namely in electronic passports and hardware crypto wallets.

In the official press release of the company, protection of crypto transactions is given as one of the main purposes of the S3FV9RR chip, which should be installed in new Samsung devices from the third quarter of 2020.

Image courtesy of XDA Dev

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